Hanil UV Sterilizer + Dryer

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Hanil UV Sterilizer + Dryer

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One-touch sterilization

Just press ‘AUTO’ for a complete dry and sterilization cycle. Bottles and accessories will be dry and ready to use when done.


Low-Heat drying and No heat sterlization

Sterilizes using dual germicidal UV lamps (OSRAM, Italy), while providing gentle, safe and natural drying with Infrared halogen lamp (Dr Fischer, France).


Easy maintenance

No water refills. No descaling. Simply wipe with a damp cloth when necessary.


Always ready to use

The spacious interior fits up to 9 eight-ounce baby bottles in a single load.  The Sterilizer’s ‘STORE’ function ensures that the bottles are kept sterilized and ready for use, so you are always prepared for the next round of feeding.


Minimise mold accumulation

The safe infrared drying function prevents mould accumulation especially on bottle rims, breast pump tubing and pump valves.


Extremely energy-saving

Operates at 50W (while drying) and only 8W while sterilizing (compared to 500W or more for conventional steam sterilizers).


More than just bottles

Can also be used to sterilize other items such as your baby’s stuffed toys and playthings, home medical supplies, personal grooming accessories, remote control, kitchen utensils and so much more!


Intelligent and space-saving design

Its compact size gives you more space on your countertop. Also intelligently designed with the door opening downwards, allowing you to use the door itself as prep space!


Assurance of quality

100% imported from Korea. Patented and manufactured by Hanil Electric Co, a well-established brand with more than 50 years track record.


Globally accredited

Certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL), Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL) and PSB Singapore (TUV SUD).


Product dimension

31.6 cm x 27.0 cm x 39.5 cm (L x W X H)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Hanil
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Short Description

Sterilizes with UltraViolet Light to kill/inactivate 99.9% of germs.

·     3M HEPA blocks 99.99% of air-borne particles up to 0.3% microns.

·     Silent Operation and Low Energy Consumption (50W)

·     Compact Design yet Spacious interior that fits up to 9 big baby bottles and other peripherals.

·     Convenient to use and easy to maintain.

·     1 yr Warranty by Exclusive and Authorized Distributor 

·     Free Replacement Parts Set whilst stock last.

Weight (kg) 4.5000

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